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I am a freelance writer with a cheerful and outgoing personality, who also writes poetry. When not chasing the next story, I spend time with my family and get involved with volunteer activities. I can also be found in the classroom, as I love to keep learning. I am currently studying towards a college certificate in communications. I am also a Board member of the Workers' Educational Association of Canada (WEA), whose aim is lifelong learning for the community. Email: charmaine.elizabeth@gmail.com


Under The Eye of The Moon

Our hips sway in sensual play
while our silhouettes, cast from
the soft glow of vanilla-scented candles
dance upon the welcoming walls
The seductive scent of your cologne
brushes my skin
as you snuggle into my neck

You pull my hair gently
as your luscious pink lips
meet my voluptuous ones
in a sweet strawberry-mango kiss
My body sweltering as I
breathe you in
Then you make your way down to
my secret place

Soon I feel you exploring the curves
of my femininity
my silky cries blending in with the romantic
music flowing from the CD on the stereo

the best is yet to come
for after our bodies have melted into one
we will lay holding each other
basking in the magic of us
the candlelight grows dim, the music softens

and through the slightly open window
the gentle night air breezes in parting lacy velvet curtains
thus allowing the eye of the moon to peek in
teasing with its shimmering light
You hold me tight and whisper in my ear
good night


Beautiful Julia that I never see
I often wonder if you think of me
Many times I've reached for the phone
Only to weaken from fear of the unknown

The years between us have grown tall
and I often wonder if you've changed at all
In your self-chosen solitary prison
Is your heart still dark, or now guilt-ridden?

If your absence is punishment
then how much longer must I suffer?
Is your resentment that strong
that you no longer wish to have a sister?
Tame your unrelenting heart
to pave the way for a new start

This indifference is painful to bear
Your continued silence is unfair
I pray that one day you will come around
Don't push my hopes into the ground

My door will always be open for you to walk through
when the time feels right when you are sure
Until then, the deepest longing for you to once again
call me your sister will endure 

Until we meet again
In my heart you will stay
Even though we both know it’s wrong
Don’t let our separate lives push us away
Until we meet again
I will remember your affectionate embrace
And the blanket of gentle kisses you covered me with
I miss you that much more and long to see your face
I can accept my secondary place in your life
Yet, not having you completely still leaves an ache in my heart
I know you feel the same when we’re apart
Until we meet again
I will take myself back to that night
when you held me close under the watchful sky
The way you caressed my hair as you whispered in my ear
felt so right
Until we meet again
You come to me in my dreams as I lay in peaceful sleep
These visions comfort me for a while
I wake up still seeing your image
leaving me with sweet thoughts to keep


  1. Young Love.
    Nowadays, few people write formal poetry.
    Everything is without stanza.
    You express your emotions well and the scenarios.
    If you work putting them is a verse it will be nice.

  2. Hi Charmaine,
    Thanks for your comments. Your poetry is lovely. Looking forward to reading your short stories as well.

    Take Care and good luck with the My Name is Not Bob Platform Challenge.

  3. Greetings Charmaine, deeply moving poetry, my personal favorite is "Under The Eye Of The Moon." Yours is a very descriptive language, that conjures evocative scenes.

    Speaking of discussions about other writer's work: