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I am a freelance writer with a cheerful and outgoing personality, who also writes poetry. When not chasing the next story, I spend time with my family and get involved with volunteer activities. I can also be found in the classroom, as I love to keep learning. I am currently studying towards a college certificate in communications. I am also a Board member of the Workers' Educational Association of Canada (WEA), whose aim is lifelong learning for the community. Email: charmaine.elizabeth@gmail.com


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my writing site.  I created this blog to showcase my poems, stories and other writing projects.  I would also like to start discussions with other writers about their work.  :-)

I happily welcome your comments and suggestions.  Feel free to email me at: charmaine.elizabeth@gmail.com


An award I won recently :-) Go to the link below for more info


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  1. @ Elizabeth - I will keep an eye out for your submissions to this site. Have fun with them. I am following your site and I will be sure to read them.